SEMI DI LINO VOLUME Semi Di Lino Volume Holiday Set has been specifically designed for fine hair. This product set forms part of what are 3 of our most popular products. These products provide volume and add thickness and moisture  to fine hair and are all part of the Alfaparf..
  Annutri Grow It for Healthy Hair                ANNUTRI GROW IT ANNUTRI GROW IT is a prime mix of vitamins and minerals designed  to promote the growth of healthy, stronger, thicker hair. This hair supplement is also totally vegan friendly and  contains only healthy nourishing ingredients for your scalp and hair. Healthy hair..
Color Wow Shampoo The Color Wow product range was a brand that was created by Gail Federici Gail Federici was not new to the hair business when she created the Color Wow hair care brand. She had 25 years experience in testing hair products that worked and also those that didn’t. It..
Colour Wow Dream Coat The thing we love about Color Wow Dream Coat at is it can be used in any weather. It really is like weather proofing your hair against the wet weather. Think about the advantage that gives you in a country like Ireland where we get..
Wet Brush Disney Princess   Hey,  we  all want  to treat  our bodies healthily, so why should our  hair be any different. That’s why,  suppliers of hair products including the Wet Brush range for  the Irish market, are proud to be distributors of the Wet Brush Disney Princess In our opinion, this.. are proud to be stockists in Ireland for the Wet brush Frozen hair brush. This collection contains many of the famous characters from the film such as Elsa, Anna and  Olaf. Everyone must have seen the film Frozen by now, I know we have at It tells the tale of..