Color Wow Shampoo

The Color Wow product range was a brand that was created by Gail Federici

Gail Federici was not new to the hair business when she created the Color Wow hair care brand.

She had 25 years experience in testing hair products that worked and also those that didn’t. It was through this experimentation that she developed world class hair products

Prior to creating the Color Wow range she was continually thinking outside the box in trying to come up solutions to tricky hair problems.

Thus the Color Wow brand does not just cater for one hair type but focuses in on hair types across the spectrum and all the challenges they face.

For example, Color Wow Dream Coat can be used in any weather. It’s like having an invisible force field on your hair to protect you against the elements or as someone said to us the other day, ‘it is really like having a world class sealant on your hair offering a force field against humidity.’

Just think of the advantage that could give you in a country like Ireland where you can get enough rain in a day to fill an ocean!!

At we also stock other products in the Color Wow range

Color WOW Raise The Root Thickening Spray

Color Wow Raise the Root is the spray that is best to use if you have fine hair. It not a short lived spray either. It contains a stand out blend of polymers that won”t lose their colours when you are out in the open

It will also give your hair a lovely smooth feel without feeling brittle or stiff

It is also a flexible product as it can also be applied to slightly moist or damp hair

Color WOW Dream Filter

Color WOW Dream Filter is prefect if you are looking to keep your hair color lasting longer.

Color Wow Dream Filter pulls metals and other elements out from your tap water. This brightening treatment gives your hair an added dimension,  allowing blonde, white and grey shades to appear fresher and brighter.

Color Wow Color Security Shampoo and Conditioner

To maintain this standard of hair care and maintenance we recommend use of the Color Wow Security Shampoo and conditioner. This product will keep your hair nourished by acting like a magnet to remove unwanted deposits from each strand. With Color Wow Shampoo your hair’s color will not have that dull, darkened look.

Instead it will look lighter and fresher, removing all the environmental damage that can be caused by the likes of calcium, magnesium and  aluminum which can be found in most modern day tap systems.

The Road to Model Class Hair.

So what standard of hair can you get with Color Wow Shampoo.

Well if your looking to get that model like look for your hair, do the following:

  • After you have shampooed and and conditioned apply Color Wow Dreamcoat to towel dried, damp hair.
  • Split the hair up into sections, on the surface and below, so the hair is completely and evenly covered.
  • Comb the hair so the product distributes evenly through each of the strands
  • Hold each section firmly and dry at a medium temperature down each of the sections until completely dry..

Color Wow Shampoo Product Range at

So we hope we have whetted your appetite for the Color Wow range. Click here to check out the full range of the Color Wow products we stock.

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