Alfaparf Style Stories Original Hairspray 500ml
Alfaparf Style Stories Original Hairspray

Alfaparf  prestigious brand

Alfaparf is a prestigious Italian producer of professional and exclusive hair care styling and colouring products for all hair types.
The company was established in 1980 by a gentlemen called Roberto Franchina

The vision that Roberto Franchin had was to ensure his products were produced with the best materials so as to produce excellent results when customers styled with his products.

This can be seen in the incredible shine and softness you achieve with the Alfaparf range which is the great way to protect your hair’s colour

At we have in stock a number of Alfaparf products. For example we stock Alfaparf Style Stories Sea Spray and Style Stories Blow Dry Cream 150ml to name but 2.

Hair Holds Firm

Alfaparf Style Stories Original Hairspray holds the hair firmly ,but without stiffness, together in one place.

The spray has a soft hold with an extra gloss but does not exact a heavy weight on the hair

The spray works easily with curly blow dries and it can alsonbe used to flatten down any stray hairs. In addition, it can be used on dry or damp hair types

So how do you use this product. Well you need to shake the bottle well.

Also when using it ensure you hold the bottle upright.

You should spray on to your finished hair look from approximately 25-30 cm

Once you’ve applied and styled your hair with it, then you will begin to see the following benefits:

  • Your hair will have a nice glossy finish.
  • It will have a natural wave and movement
  • It will be easy to brush off

If you want an even stronger hold on your hair then check out our Alfaparf Style Stories Extreme Hairspray.

Again it will keep your hair in place without weighing it down