Wet Brush Disney Princess


Hey,  we  all want  to treat  our bodies healthily, so why should our  hair be any different.

That’s why hairbrush.ie,  suppliers of hair products including the Wet Brush range for  the Irish market, are proud to be distributors of the Wet Brush Disney Princess

In our opinion, this is the healthiest way to brush your hair and at the same time have  in your hand some of Disney’s  most famous princesses  including Princesses Snow White, to Princess Belle, to Princess Jasmine.

Girl Power

If you are really after girl power, then this is surely the best way to show it with these famous strong, female characters.

The Wet Brush Disney Princess brushes captures the essence and personality of all  your favorite and popular Disney Princesses with stories  that radiate colours and patterns so rich, that they  waft you into each of the Princesses worlds!

End up with hair like your favourite princess. The Wet Brush Disney Princess brush will reduce the tangle that hair can get into when you wash it.

It’s design also means, you’ll have to exert less effort  when brushing allowing your hair to have a happy, glossy shine in the process.

Not only does the  Wet Brush Disney Princess also look great, it  can be used on wet and dry hair thanks to  its best in class award winning Intelliflex bristles which are incredibly  fine but also extremely  sturdy and flexible. They are built in such a  way so as to minimise  pain, and reduce split ends

Its not just your natural hair it can be used on, it’s also good for wigs and extensions also

So if your looking for that special gift for someone then look further than Wet Brush Disney Princess on hairbrush.ie

Once you’ve used this to stroke your locks, you’re never going back to anything else.

Buy the Wet Brush Disney Princess brush range here at hairbrush.ie.

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