Semi Di Lino Volume Holiday Set has been specifically designed for fine hair. This product set forms part of what are 3 of our most popular products. These products provide volume and add thickness and moisture  to fine hair and are all part of the Alfaparf range.

Lets look at these products in more detail.
Included are:

  • A volumizing low shampoo. This product provides soft body volumizing for fine hair. It also allows soft and gentle cleansing which adds to  the thickness of the hair fibers, which in turn creates a natural volume.A protective shield  is placed around the hair and the hair roots, This allows for full optmisation when it comes to hydration and humidity when the outside and inside temperatures changes.
  • Semi Di Lino Volume shampoo is made up of the following elements:
    • A Volume Boost Complex – this helps with the restructuring of each  hair fibre , which in turn creates a greater the volume without any stiffness.
    • The Urban Defence Pro – creates a protective shield around the hair guarding against pollution such as harsh chemicals that can be found in the environment.
    • If you’d like he colour in your hair maintained then the Shine Fix Complex provides a full day of 24 hour hair brightness,for each of your hair roots
    • The Colour Fix Complex – is a UV filter and antioxidant that maintains the vibrancy and colour of your hair. As an added plus it is cruelty free & vegan. It also has had sulphates and parabens. removed.

  • The Volumizing Mousse Conditioner (200ml) helps volumize and  body-intensify fine hair. This conditioner is a great way to detangles hair without leaving it feeling heavy. When using it ensure your hair is is thoroughly shampooed . Give the bottle a good shake before dispensing 2 large dollops onto your head.Give the scalp a long, deep massage. Leave it in for  3 minutes before rinsing out.You will soon notice the difference.Your hair will not feel weighed down, it will be detangled and will also have more volume.
  • The final part of the set is the Volumizing Spray (125ml) Again this does what it says on the tin, it volumizes and body intensifies fine hair. It does this by supporting hair fibres allowing them to establish a flexible hold. This enhances their thickness for long-lasting volume.building up each of the strands  of the hair’s fibers in the processThe following are additional benefits to be gained from using Semi Di Lino Volume products:
  • Maintaining optimal hydration levels that protect the hair from humidity and climatic change
  • 7 continual days of moisture and hydration .
  • 3 days of frizz control even at 98% humidity.
  • Smooth feel and natural movement of the hair