Hi Hair-peeps


Let me first introduce myself, My name is Greg Clarke I’m a hair stylist and salon owner from Dublin Ireland. I’m the proud owner of Collage Hair Group in Castleknock Dublin 15 and now HairBrush.ie. I’ve been in this wonderful industry for over 30 years. I think this qualifies me to talk to you all things Hairbrush and Hair-care . I’ve always believed that one of the secrets to making hair look wonderful is choosing the right good quality Hairbrush for your personal needs. As we all know we have so many hair types among us humans from thick to thin, curly to straight hence all needing personalized TLC.


What I also realized many years ago was that although a hairbrush was the most used tool in salons very few Hair Stylists recommended or sold them to our salon guests. So, we were recommending the right Hairbrush to our valuable guests and sending them elsewhere to purchase them, crazy what. 10 years ago, we started to stock quality hairbrushes in our salon partnering up with many Professional Hairbrush brands. For the last 5 years we have become salon distributor of WetBrush Pro, America’s leading Detangling Brush. We have had amazing success with this quality fashion conscious brand in our salons and the salons who have chosen to partner with Us and WetBrush.

Did You Know?

A lot of salons still don’t feel the need to stock their most used tool to offer their Salon Guests, so therefore we decided these guests needed a salon quality product available to them online. We have created HairBrush.ie to offer you the person whatever your age or hair type believes that their hair deserves the best tools available and hair care products to maintain their beautiful salon created look. We hope you agree and choose HairBrush.ie to look after your Hairbrush and Hair Care needs when you just can’t find the right product in your salon.

Happy HairBrush & HairCare Shopping

Greg Clarke Aka Mr HairBrush

Company Director