Joico Clarifying Shampoo

J-Pak Clarifying Shampoo

The Joico Clarifying Shampoo is not a heavy, but a light shampoo. It has been produced in such a way so as not to overwhelm your hair.

Although it has all the characteristics and qualities of a light shampoo, one should not underestimate its powerful complex properties. It contains rich and nourishing minerals such as amino acids, aloe and antioxidant vitamin E that enable it to make a significant impact on the thicker strands of your hair.

These minerals also allow the hair to become hydrated and healed if it has suffered any environmental or drying damage.

This is particularly important as hair can be exposed to elements such as to chlorine, minerals, and hard water all which can take a significant toll on your hair over time.

As a counter balance to the enriching properties of a clarifying formula, Joico  Clarifying Shampoo also contains Joico’s exclusive Bio-Advanced Peptide Complex.

This works as an unique blend of proteins that protects the hair on every part of the head and effectively removes all pollutants and impurities in your hair. Thus if you enjoy swimming or have a hard water supply in your area, this makes the shampoo a perfect companion as it will protect your hair from the chemicals. In addition it is also a useful shampoo for those who have had their hair heavily styled.  Using this quality shampoo will really give a lift to your hair, making it look full and vibrant.

On top of these benefits, it also allows for easy combing and improves manageability.


How to use:

  • Apply a small amount to wet hair
  • Massage into a lather
  • Rinse well and repeat if necessary.
  • Directions: Use 1-2 times a week. Apply to wet hair. Lather and then rinse.
  • For use as a deep clarifying shampoo, leave in for 2 minutes and then rinse.

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