Colour Wow Dream Coat

Colour Wow Dream Coat

The thing we love about Color Wow Dream Coat at is it can be used in any weather. It really is like weather proofing your hair against the wet weather. Think about the advantage that gives you in a country like Ireland where we get our fair share of 4 seasons in one day!!

When you apply Color Wow Dream Coat  protect your  hair against all sorts of weather.

Dream Coat puts a wall of protection around your head that shields your precious stands of hair from humidity, static and moisture. This will completely change the texture and feel of your hair and make sure your hair does not frizz.

Humidity – Proofing

Most humidity fighting products place a heavy burden on the hairs surface. This in turn can cause your hair to lose volume and leave it lank and quite greasy.

However Color Wow Dream Coat works against this because of its revolutionary, heat-activated polymer technology that is gossamer light.

When you spray the delicate mist from the nozzle of Dream Coat  across your hair, little micro droplets fall on and solidify each hair strand.

When you then use the heat from your hair – dryer, tiny particles of the mist come together and crosslink, forming a strong, casing that places an invisible cloak around each hair strand.

This seals the hair in a secure and protected waterproof raincoat which causes any water which hits your head to bounce straight off again.

So the benefit to you is you get compressed, sleek hair that looks and feels -naturally shiny  and silky with an incredible Technicolor glow.

But that’s not all: once you apply it, the effect lasts for three days and that includes if you shampoo it during that time

So,  if you want to place your hair in a moisture proof invisible cloak that lasts three days, then look no further than Colour Wow Dream coat the out of this world sealant for your hair.

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