Annutri Grow It for Healthy Hair
Annu Tri Grow It               


ANNUTRI GROW IT is a prime mix of vitamins and minerals designed  to promote the growth of healthy, stronger, thicker hair.

This hair supplement is also totally vegan friendly and  contains only healthy nourishing ingredients for your scalp and hair.

Healthy hair like a healthy body, its something we all want!

In many ways healthy hair begins from within and like any part of the body it needs vitamins and nutrients to help it grow, flourish and stay strong

This growth is driven by the cells in our bodies that require their nutrients.

Thus whatever we put into our body should act as the foundation that will  enable it to grow healthy cells that will make us feel and look better.

The Need for Healthy Hair

Annutri Grow It came into being when research was carried out by experienced hair care consultants.
These stylists felt that what they massaged into the hair of their clients was not really addressing the health challenges these clients were facing with their hair.

The stylists felt  what was needed in addition to improvements in diet and a number of lifestyles changes, was a supplement packed with special nutrients and vitamins that was going to make hair look more healthy, voluminous and shiny

Thus the hair supplement Annutri Grow It was born. This is a natural, high quality hair care product and supplement that will form the foundation for more robust,, stronger and  thicker hair

So what are  the ingredients within this product that make it so healthy for your hair?

MSM – (methylsulfonylmethane)

MSM is a natural occurring substance that can be found within the human body but can also be generated in plants and animals .


It also includes Biotin, This a key vitamin and is  part of the Vitamin  B group .

Biotos comes from the Ancient Greek word ‘biotos’. This means to give‘life or sustenance, and this is certainly what this substance does when it comes to  promoting healthy hair maintenance.

In addition, Biotos also helps with the normal workings of the central nervous system and psychological function.


Annutri Grow It also contains the important mineral Zinc.

Our bodies do not produce it, so normally it has to be consumed in our diets.

Zinc also helps with the health and maintenance of your hair in addition to your nails, skin, bones and even your sight.


Copper has enormous advantages when it comes to enhancing the maintenance of strong,  voluminous, healthy hair. It also helps with the circulation of iron around the body.

But its not only health of your hair, it strengthens the functioning of the immune system and shields your cells from oxidative stress.

Nettle Leaf

Nettle Leaf dates back to Ancient Egypt and is made up of many nutrients.

Vitamin C and Annutri Grow It

Contained within Annutri Grow It is Calcium Ascorbate  which is a form of Vitamin C that is designed  to help those who suffer from weak or sensitive stomachs.

As we know Vitamin C is beneficial to the body in so many ways. For example it helps with normal collagen formation. This in turn  assists in the functioning of healthy blood vessels, bones, gums, skin and teeth. In addition to these qualities, Vitamin C also supports the normal functioning of the nervous and immune systems and also aids with psychological functioning. Vitamin C is also excellent for combating oxidative stress in the cells and helps support the body when you are feeling tired.


Choline is is part of the of the B Complex range. It is an important part of a cell all in the body It helps with the lipid metabolism and is vital to the  smooth running of the liver.

So give your hair the strength and shine it deserves with Annutri Grow It.

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