Why is the Wetbrush so popular with children. Well as you all will know it is sometimes next to near impossible to get some of the little ones to sit still and let their hair be brushed.:))

The real magic with Wetbrush happens when the extra long, iconic bristles get to work detangling each strand of your child’s hair.

Childrens hair can represent an extra challenge as it can, in some instances, be extra long and thick.

No job is too big or small though for Wet Brush. This brush works really well for all hair types.

Do your children have wavy hair, then its no problem. Do they have curly hair, then Wet Brush detangles all the knots without pulling at their scalp and causing them pain

We mentioned earlier the fact that the  Intelli bristles are super long, but they also have a massaging effect on the scalp which is always a nice little bonus.

Someone asked me the other day have you a practical example from everyday life where the Wet Brush comes into its own.

Well we heard from someone that when they went to the beach the salt water and chlorine would always cause their hair knot. But when they got going with the Wet Brush their hair was soon untangled

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