has a wide range of hair brushes to choose from. After all if we didn’t stock any hair brushes we might have to go and change our name!!
In our hairbrush categories we have something here for every pocket and every age group.

For all those fans of the Little Princess,we have the Wet Brush Disney Princess 2020 Detangler.

The WetBrushPro® Original Detangler is the best way to brush your hair, giving it a healthy finish. Be careful when brushing your hair hen it is wet and damp as it is at this time when it is at its most vulnerable. Hair in this condition can easily snap. That is why it is important to use a device such as the WetBrushPro® Original Detangler which will gently untangle any of your troublesome knots.

You should also take a look at the

Wet Brush® Go Green in our hairbrush categories.
Get your hair in order with this environmentally friendly brush. It has built-in natural oils, which distribute evenly through your hair giving it a natural, shining look. It will also supply it with nutrients  that will help moisturize and repair any damaged hair.

Also in this category we have the following WetBrush brands:

Wet Brush Go Green Infused Shine Detangler
Wet Brush Pro Shine Enhancer
Wet Brush Pro Flex Dry® Fantastic Voyage Detangler
Epic Professional MultiGrip Blowout Brush
Wet Brush Pro Shine Enhancer Electric Dreams
Wet Brush Pro® Epic Professional Deluxe Detangler
Wet Brush Epic Deluxe Shine
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