We have a great selection of combs for you to choose from in the hairbrush.ie combs category.
First of all we have the Epic Teasing Brush. This is a product that also is an upstyling teasing brush. Its features includes:

  • Features exclusive intelliflex bristles
  • Double row of bristles at varying heights
  • Creates volume and lift without the breakage

Secondly you should check out the WaveTooth Comb Blackout. This comb retails at €7.00. Its a black Detangling Wet Comb with WaveTooth design.
It works by allowing to the hair to spread evenly across the bristles. This then stops the from breaking, but it also prevents clumping and snagging.

The next comb we  are going to take a look at is the Ellie Pro Steel Definition Styling Comb. This comb retails for €20.00

This comb is made of top grade, durable rust-resistant steel. It contains eight teeth, for big area styling. It has a nice, sleek,ergonomic slim design for smoothing and area definition.

Usable for left or right handed people. The comb is ideal for adding volume to long or short hair, giving long lasting definition and blow drying. This is a  great Mens styling comb and an excellent add-in to any Barbers Styling Kit.
Made by Ellie Professional

The final combs to take a look at in this category are the Wet Brush Epic™ Professional Carbon Combs.

These combs contain the following features and benefits:

  • They are designed to endure high heat and the wear and tear from common salon chemicals
  • They are extremely nimble, lightweight but extremely strong
  • Anti-static to eliminate flyaway’s and reduce frizz
  • Smooth finish provides less friction which reduces damage to the hair cuticle
  • Rounded teeth are gentle on the scalp
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