if you are ever short of inspiration we have many gift ideas for you for any tine of the year.

What about Wet hair brushes? We stock the Wet Brush Disney Princess 2020 and the Wet Brush Glitter Disney Princess.These are must haves for  all the fans of Disney you have in the family.

We are also stockists of Semi Di Lino. What a great gift a the Semi Di Lino Live Your Curls Refining Kit is.

This product contains a long lasting hydration action. Also it contains a light that does not weigh down any curls you may have.

And yes, what about the Joico Christmas Healthy Hair Wishes – JoiFul

This consists of a shampoo and conditioner.
JOIFUL Volumizing Shampoo | 300ml

This shampoo gives your hair long lasting volume with it’s rich lather cleansing away all the dirts that can weigh down fine hair.

JOIFUL Volumizing Shampoo leaves each strand clean with a sheen-uniquely nourished and ready for extraordinary body with a natural feel.

JOIFUL Volumizing Conditioner | 250ml

This conditioner has a powerful detangling formula designed to create full, light, touchable body that does not oppressively weigh it down. The conditioner needs to be used daily, nourishing the hair with a barely-there touch, making the hair so easy to comb.

Also as a gift you may want to consider

Joico Christmas Healthy Hair Wishes – Blonde Life

Blonde Life Shampoo | 300ml

This brightening shampoo is bound to get you noticed. Not only will it make your hair look great it is  also free  SLE/SLES Sulfates.

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Wet Brush Go Green Mini Detangler

Wet Brush Go Green Mini Detangler

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0 out of 5

Wet Brush® Go Green Mini Detangler

Detangle your hair without hurting the environment and in the cutest way possible.. Hair is weakest when it’s wet and pulling at it can snap it like a rubber band.This is why you should use a tool that gently loosens knots without pulling or breaking hair. Intelliflex bristles allow for 45% Less Breakage, 55% Less Effort and 100% Happier Hair. The GO Green Detangler is the revolutionary solution for both your hair and the environment.

When you are ready to replace your Go Green Detangler, simply dispose of it in the trash. The handle is made from an all natural biodegradable plant starch that will break down naturally in a landfill within 5 years.

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